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100% Canadian owned shower doors manufacturer

Aquael is the first 100% Canadian owned shower doors manufacturer in China, combining fifty years of Western experience and know-how with a team composed of the best local specialists. We are a full service OEM/ODM manufacturer, which means that we develop new products hand in hand with our customers, adding our design and engineering know-how to our customers’ projects.

At Aquael, we strongly believe that the heart of our company is our mission, culture, and values.

This heart, always – when we hire a new employee, at each of our strategic meetings, in every communication with our partners, in our day to day business management – plays a central and essential role; guiding our decisions and our actions and allowing us to move forward in one same direction: creating the best possible products and experience for our customers.

Years of Experience
Shower doors

Our mission

To be recognized as an international leader in the field of shower enclosures and shower doors manufacturing. To work hand in hand with our employees, suppliers, and clients to provide innovative products that answer the needs of the consumers in terms of price and quality.

Our culture

This mission cannot be achieved without a specific corporate culture of responsibility and continuous improvement, and with a strong sense of caring and cooperation between our people and departments. At Aquael, we understand that if such a culture is embraced internally, then sustainable partner-relationships with our customers and suppliers will inherently follow.

Our values

Working at Aquael requires to accept and put into practice each one of these values every day. It is the responsibility of the top Management – Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Team leaders – to embody and transmit these values, and to make sure they are respected and grow stronger and deeper every day.

01 - Understand & help each other.
02 - Be open-minded within & beyond your own department and with our partners, our customers, and suppliers.
01 - Share information.
02 - With patience and respect, express your opinions and ideas.
03 - Be transparent and reliable in your interactions with others.
04 - In case of a mistake, be upfront and speak up so we can, better and faster, adress it and find a solution together.
05 - Recognize and celebrate individual and team successes.
01 - All departments share an equal responsibility for the quality of the products and services we deliver to our customers.
02 - Always be one step forward, anticipate problems, react on time.
03 - Make sure to use all Aquael’s control tools (procedures, KPI’s, standards) at their maximal potential.
04 - Responsibility, rigor, discipline, and diligent follow-ups and monitoring are a must.
01 - The problems of our customers and suppliers are our problems too.
02 - Make sure customer service and requests are everybody’s concern.
03 - We fight for our customers; we do not act against them.
04 - Maintain special and close relationships with our customers, whatever your position is.
01 - Be innovative, creative, and adventurous.
02 - Keep yourself, and your team, informed and up to date with the latest industry standards, news, and innovations.
03 - Do not hesitate to bring new ideas and test them.
01 - Always keep in mind that continuous improvement is our focus, our duty, and what makes us stand out from our competitors.
02 - Embrace and conduct change.
AQuael history and accomplishments

50+ years of experience
in the shower enclosures

Aciflex is founded in Quebec, Canada, by Jean Com-Nougué, the father of the current President of Aquael. Alain Com-Nougué becomes President of Aciflex.
Alain Com-Nougué becomes President of Aciflex.
Alain Com-Nougué and Martin Desmarais create and establish Aquael in Zhongshan China.
Aquael becomes a 100% OEM/ODM manufacturer.
Aquael now distributes products to every continent.
Martin Desmarais and Francis Barrett establish representative offices in NA and Europe.
Aquael upgrades to the latest ISO 9001:2015.
Aquael is one of the firsts glass shower door manufacturer in China to obtain ISO 14001 - environmental system management.
Aquael people - Our Directors team

Our Shareholders, Directors
& Sales Representatives