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Fully customizable glass shower doors

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We are an OEM/ODM Factory, meaning our purpose is to build the best quality products with the best features tailored for each of our clients. Our expertise and our R&D team are there to advise and help you design the very best product to suit your business and market needs.

Choose one of our standard products, modify some features or create a totally new product; we make (almost) everything possible.

Here are are our main customization options.
Glass type
Hardware finish / colors
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Personalized Service - complementary products

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At Aquael, our specialty is shower doors, but we also supply our customers with other products they need to have the best experience possible. Here is a few examples.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Complementary product
additionnal shelves, robe hooks, deflective panel for walk-ins and more…
Complementary product
Acrylic shower trays
Complementary product
Acrylic shower walls