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01 - We develop strategic partnerships with customers rather than pursuing short terms objectives. We share the same goal: end-user satisfaction.

02 - More than a manufacturer, we are a partner and expert in our Industry, always focusing on bringing value adding solutions to our customers.

03 - Our customers sleep well at night : we anticipate, we react and we respond to any request within 24h.

01 - Representative offices in North America and in Europe.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

02 - Always available to meet in your offices and warehouses to discuss new opportunities or optimize on-going projects.

03 - Present in all major trade shows to share the latest industry trends with you.

01 - A team of more than 20 engineers and designers solely focused on shower doors.

02 - International technology watch

  • 50 years experience in the industry
  • Online and on-site in-depth market analysis
  • Presence at all major international tradeshows

04 - Continuous improvement of our existing range and 10 + new products proposed to our customers every year.

05 - Automated and integrated operations.

01 - ISO 9001:2015

02 - A quality management system inspired by the highest standard of the automotive industry:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Kaizen approach, a mindset of continuous improvement.
  • Diligent training of our employees and suppliers
  • Control and optimization at every level of the production:
  • On-site supplier inspections and training
  • In-production inspections
  • Testing labs meeting the highest industry standards
  • Trial installations
  • Sight check verification of your products by your sales representative before shipment
  • Permanent corrective actions using 8D methodology

03 - Less than 0.03% defective rate.

01 - ISO 14001 : Environmental management system unique in the industry.
You can find our

02 - CSR activities every year to support our employees and their community.

Aquael factory tour - Creating excellence

Our glass shower doors factory

Overview of aquael departments

production line

Aquael’s factory is located in Guangdong, the heart of the Chinese sanitary ware industry. Our modern installations offer you hassle free North American quality and European design and can produce your own models, help you design new ones or supply you with our own line of products, all at competitive prices.

Find out about customization

At Aquael, our team of more than 20 engineers and designers are solely focused on shower doors. Their experience and expertise allow them to advise and help our customers to design the very best product to suit their business and market needs.

With the help of our international sales representatives and their continuous international technology watch, our R&D team proposes 10+ new innovative products every year and build the best quality products with the best features tailored to each of our clients, all at competitive prices.

Each of Aquael’s suppliers undergo a strict evaluation of their organization’s efficiency and quality capacity before their selection. Furthermore, we frequently carry out on-site audits and optimization trainings to ensure we benefit from the best quality raw materials.

Before production, Aquael thoroughly validates the quality of purchased raw materials, parts and components. First, they are submitted to a visual incoming inspection where they must meet our strict acceptance criteria. We then carry out a series of tests to further verify and confirm their conformity to our standards.

Our factory is fully equipped with all the necessary and most performant machinery, answering to our industry’s highest standards in terms of quality and safety.

Our employees benefit from our safe work environment as well as our automated and integrated operations, allowing them to reach the highest of efficiency, and industry quality and standards.

The quality and conformity of the glass is inspected and validated. For the products requiring it, our Easyclean formula – which makes the glass effortless to clean and keep the shower looking like new by avoiding limestone deposits over the years – is applied.


Thanks to our experience, we have established highly efficient process and procedures, as well as methodic and thorough training for our factory employees.

Each and every step of the production line is regularly audited and optimized, allowing us to produce the best quality products with the most efficiency possible.

Each of our packaging solutions is thoroughly designed and tested to make sure it efficiently protects and preserves the specific product it contains until it arrives at its final destination.

We have a large experience in all packaging solutions, whether for bulk, pallets or e-commerce packaging.

Our focus is now on sustainable packaging solutions. Not only do we work to replace unsustainable components - such as polystyrene and single-use plastics - with more eco-friendly material; we also aim to use less, and more consciously.

Our large, well-organized, and functional warehouse allows us to keep all our raw material, parts, components and finished goods in a safe and clean environment. It is also one of the pillars of our factory for our efficiency and efficacity (meeting our deadlines, producing and delivering the orders to our clients in a timely manner).

Our quality control & certifications

Proven quality management

For Aquael, making a shower door is more than just assembling aluminum, glass and hardware. Each component is selected according to very strict standards.

Each supplier is carefully chosen according to a specific need; each piece is designed and created by our engineering group to provide a high quality component.

Subsequently, a multitude of tests are used to validate the lifetime of each component: Corrosion tests on the hardware, UV test on PVC gaskets, cycling tests for the rollers and hinges, tempering tests for glass, all to offer a product of very high quality and to ensure that our products will meet your requirements as long as possible. Our commitment is to provide you a shower door that is easy to install, easy to maintain and will exceed all your expectations.

For more precisions on the tests we carry out, download our summary!
Timeline of aquael innovations

Innovative & trendsetting
glass shower doors

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At Aquael, good is never enough. This is why we make innovation one of our top priorities. Our R&D team is large and works daily to develop the best possible products to help our customers satisfy their customers and stand out as industry leaders.

Aquael people - Our r&d and qc team

Our R&D and QC team:
the persons behind Aquael’s results

Meet other team members

Our R&D team works hard everyday to think, design and bring new ideas and innovations to our customers. They are the ones making your projects a reality.

Our QC team continuously and meticulously monitors all inputs, steps, and outputs of Aquael’s production to ensure we only deliver products that meet the highest quality standards in the industry.